Hiring Disability Services Companies To Help With Our Business

Hiring Disability Services Companies To Help With Our Business

  • Three Strategies For Keeping Water Inside Your New Barrier-Free Shower

    If you're thinking about having a barrier-free shower installed in your home, the thought of not having some sort of bottom edge to block water from getting out might be unpleasant. It is possible to keep water inside the shower, but it takes some thought and practice. The strategies you need to use can't permanently block the bottom edge of the shower pan -- that would defeat the purpose of having a barrier-free shower -- but you can create enough of a barrier to make using the shower easy.

  • Adaptive Driving Equipment For Leg Amputees

    Even if you are a leg amputee who wears a prosthetic device, you still may be able to drive. Depending on the type of prosthetic device, special vehicle modifications can allow you to safely operate a vehicle. Since most modifications require professional installation, you need to be aware of the vehicle modifications available to fit your particular needs. How to Know What Modifications You Need Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles may require that your driving abilities be re-evaluated by a certified driving instructor or driver rehabilitation specialist after you have been fitted for a foot or leg prosthesis.

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    Hiring Disability Services Companies To Help With Our Business

    A few months ago I realized that my business wasn't exactly disability friendly. We had a customer in a wheelchair who needed to access our business, and it took about 20 minutes to help them to get inside. I decided that I needed to improve things, so I hired a disability services company to help. They were amazing to work with and they told us exactly what we needed to change. After we made the changes, we knew that our business was accommodating to all of our customers, which meant a lot to me. This blog is all about the benefits of working with disability services companies.